Saturday, July 31, 2010

what is monetize? i want to click it but not lose my story. i know there's a save now button.

Victor is a Boy
1:16 AM to 1:26 AM - 7/31/2010

Victor is a boy, and Victor loves to play with toys.
"Leave Victor alone," you'll hear them say.

"Vincent is Victor's friend, and they have aged well together!"
Victor will never forget Vincent because he is a friend who has never rallied against him, family who has never focused more of the worse than the good, and neither an enemy who could find the hours in a day to befriend greedily. Victor is a boy, and Victor is rich. Not by wealth of the pocket alone, but in his burgeoning mind. The fleshy sponge where knowledge is not calculated because not even the flaws of mental health can establish just how one will retain what they know and learn what they did not know. Speech can be a flaw itself, and that is why Victor imagines.
Should Victor let his imagination go he will not be satisfied with his life anymore, and though he will not be mocked for continuing to sail his boat atop the dirty bath water of his football practice sweat, he will wonder where his talent has gone. The fridge is not a spaceship, the drawers are not talking people.
"He has grown," the individuals who have let go, or have never had, this imagination will say.
Victor has grown from a boy to a young gentleman, wild imagination to polite reality.
Only reality is not so polite.
And Victor will never be so sweet as he were in his boyhood.

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