Saturday, July 10, 2010

Joanie and Her Secret of Life
9:42 AM - 7/10/2010

Joanie baked enough cookies for her family everyday, she was unselfish and never thought of her work as more than she could take. She was no expert, being bound to a heavy wheelchair at her small age of nine. Joanie was ultimately skilled though, at baking, and no one could question what they believed God had given her. "Oh Joanie, make us sugar cookies!" They would call, and Joanie would nod and write the request on her list of recipes and special treats. Mainly in the morning she would have to wait for her mother to help bathe her, for her legs were lame but her arms were just as a strong as her mind so it was not hard to help out. Afterward her father would teach her school lessons in the living room, for her school in the country was far but her will to learn was just as a strong as her mind so it was not hard to gain knowledge. Then her brothers would play with her and softly toss her the ball, for her reach could not catch it if it went over her head but her strike when throwing it back was powerful so it was not hard to keep them entertained. In the afternoon Joanie would enter the kitchen, set out all the material for baking, and prepare the cookies by herself. She thought, "What lovely family I have," and would set them in the bottom oven and make the cookies daily. A handicap does hinder you, a handicap does not control you, but if you chose to be like nine-year-old Joanie, controlling it and not letting it control you, you can make yourself happy.

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